What is it all about?

Are you happy with your health as it is right now? I asked that question about two years ago myself. What is ‘healthy’? How fit do you have to be to call yourself ‘fit’? Am I still healthy if I’m eating junk food in small portions? Why is it even important what foods I eat as long as I am the ‘right’ weight? I wanted to get to the bottom of all these questions and many more!
Being healthy is a complex state that requires a person to exercise daily, eat the right foods, and to decrease high levels of stress. Each element is equally significant and takes time and planning to reach the point of understanding and success. Hopefully this blog will help you to build on your knowledge about total health and wellness.
For now, let’s focus on the basics. When it comes to maintaining my health and diet, I have found a few truths. There have been many articles and books written on how much, how long, and what kind. There are also many pills and diets out there claiming that you will lose 1 pound a day or lead you to believe that you will fit into those awesome size 0 tie dye pants you wore in 84′. Though they sound tempting, you and I both know it’s bologna. However, I am a believer of two theories that will keep you healthy as well as keeping the pounds off:
1.) Be active 7 days out of the week; 5 to 6 days of intensive exercise and 1 to 2 days of active rest (active rest means light activity such as gardening, walking, cleaning, etc.)
2.) Attempt to eat 4-6 meals a day in small portions consisting mostly of fruits and veggies.
There are several other more complex pieces that we can cover later, but these two simple concepts are a good enough start.
I hope you will dive in with me and begin to build an everlasting lifestyle based on wellness of the mind, body, and soul.