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Sneak Peak: Christmas Dinner

Pre-planning your meals is one of the most helpful ways to prevent over-eating and to ensure total nutrition.
Making sure there is a balance in your meal and that fruits and veggies are always present will help you do this.

If you do not have your meal set up in courses to be served, make sure that you leave the food in the kitchen to avoid mindless over-eating. This way you actually have to consciously decide if you really want more food, get up, and walk into the kitchen.

Here is my menu for Christmas Dinner:
I have planned out the whole meal and will be cooking for 5 people this year. I decided that we would have five small portioned courses that will be spread out over the course of the meal. The appetizer, salad, and soup will help to fill up my guests with good fibers and nutrients before the actual meal. Each course will be served in very small portions. Dessert will be served after a 30 minute break.

Appetizers: fresh veggie plate with homemade hummus

Salad: Cranberry, walnut, orange, and blue cheese salad with a homemade cranberry vinaigrette

Soup: Butternut squash bisque

Meal: wild rice stuffed Cornish game hen with an apricot sauce, green beans, baked sweet potatoes, and a small fruit salad

Dessert: Apple crisp


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Welcome to build it, burn it, bake it!!

Welcome!! This is a place where you can find tips for eating and living health! In the coming weeks, I will begin to post challenging workouts, recipe makeovers, and whole foods that deserve a moment in the spotlight. Get ready for some delicious yet healthy recipes that will literally change your life. I also want to challenge you to check for posted workouts and give them a try as well! So keep checking for some exciting posts coming up!


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